The Sage Gateshead’s Musical Spaceship seeks Valiant Crew!

Prepare to go intergalactic this Autumn half-term as The Sage Gateshead charts a course through ‘Imagined Planets’.

A truly spectacular event for children ages 4-7 and their families using out of this world percussion, vocals and physical theatre in an hour long interactive journey into an imaginary stratosphere!

Claire Tustin, Primary Schools Strand Leader and Ensemble performer at The Sage Gateshead says: “The concept we have is we are professional sound collectors and the spaceship is fueled by sounds.”

“It’s an interactive piece, that’s what we specialize in here at the Sage Gateshead. Every third song has to have some sort of audience participation. We find that keeps everyone interested.”

Claire added: “In preparation we have written some wacky songs, and I have been scouring the skips and bins outside The Sage Gateshead for random objects that we can recycle, spray silver and turn into a space ship in Hall 2.”

A new musical instrument called a Scaffolin was dreamt up by percussionist Brendan Murphy and will be unveiled during the event.  Clearly unfazed by the eccentric request Claire says: “They were really interested and excited by that and it took about three hours to make.”


On why it is such a FANTASTIC show for the 4-7 year old age range Claire says: “At that age range they’re learning language, to read and write and they’re learning how to express themselves. We’re hoping the show will be good from the point of view of language acquisition and also just expressing yourself.”


“Mainly it’s an exploration of children’s imaginations which at that age their imaginations are fabulous and they’ll come up with such lovely things. If we make them feel comfortable and on board then I think they give us really interesting things I’m really looking forward to it.”

For more details about this show, which will take place on 30th and 31st October click here to visit the facebook event page or here to visit The Sage Gateshead’s website to book tickets.

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By Kim Walker, Press Gang