Review: iPet

It’s not a boring Monday anymore. Taking place on stage 3 at Northern Stage, Newcastle was iPet; a 40-minute magic performance. The audience was welcomed by Michiel Blankwaardt and Dioniso Matias, a fun-loving duo from Holland.


The act was aimed at 2+, creating illusion and magic through the use of iPads. An innovative way to bring modern technology into a magic show. Michiel and Dio clearly enjoyed performing and this made for a very engaged audience, both adults and children wore a smile.


The pair put on an array of humorous entertainment such as dancing to their playing of an iPad trumpet, playing iPad guitar and slipping on a banana peel. The children were amazed as it was made to believe Michiel was performing backwards somersaults. He jumped backwards in view and legs would appear above from behind the screen.


Illusions included pulling ping pong balls and bananas out of the iPad. A particular crowd favourite was the illusion of Dio being trapped inside the iPad. Much to the children’s amusement, Michiel emphasised this by shaking the iPad and having trapped Dio bang his head inside. The iPad then “died” and the switched-on children shouted out to “charge it up.” It seemed he would be trapped forever when Michiel pulled out a tiny cut out of Dio from the back of the iPad. To the children’s excitement, all was saved when the cut out was entered into a new iPad and Dio was released.


The act closed with the handing out of stickers that would “turn you into an iPad.” With a power and volume button the children could stick them onto themselves or parents and mute one another when being too loud; or completely power them off.


The pair’s chemistry made for an excellent interactive show. Pulling faces and making silly noises throughout made the children (and even adults) giggle.  The small crowd ensured engagement to and from all. A fun way to spend an hour!