Review: Anime Attacks

The Anime Attack convention was exactly what it said in the description. The car park was full and the first sentence heard upon arrival was “I’m having fun.” Once through the library doors you were transported into a world of anime and excitement. Children and teens dressed in their best anime costumes ready for the day ahead. Having never experienced an anime convention before it was obvious that to not be in costume was unusual.


Kicking off the day at 10:30 was a Taiko Drumming performance; followed by a workshop whereby you could learn Japanese drumming, a unique experience this half term! Next on the agenda was the Anime quiz to win prizes for your team.


An exciting opportunity to skype with Jessica Calvello took place from 14:00-15:30. Jessica is an American voice over actress known for her anime work. Fans could ask questions about her work, what she enjoys and get real live time answers. Certainly, a great opportunity for those who love her work and those who are unfamiliar alike. Jessica was friendly and engaging, ending the call with a selfie of all involved, inviting all to engage in her Facebook group.


16:00 saw Crystal Rose take to the stage to perform a set inspired by their Japanese Idols. The captivated crowd was dancing along to their dance performance of Star Dash.


A talent show showcased attendees of the event. Everything from anime impressions, dancers and singers took to the stage to perform. The audience had a great time watching, singing and clapping along.


To round up the day’s events a cosplay competition was held with prizes to be won; concluded by a mini disco. Though being a little out of my depth and not always aware what was taking place; the convention was good fun and all those attending had a great time. A definite community feeling was present and everyone was welcoming. If you are interested in anime, be sure to attend next year’s convention!