My Time at Juice

My name is Hannah; I’ve spent the last six months being part of Juice Festival 2013 on placement from Changemakers.  Changemakers is an organisation that is based in the UK which supports young people around the country to help them harness their leadership potential.  Changemakers  gives young people leadership opportunities to learn and grow which is what i have done through working here at Juice.

My main role throughout Juice festival was to have a Peer to Peer role and look into ways to get more young people involved in Juice Festival, with the idea that it gets young people sharing their ideas and skills, making friends and celebrating great art together.  This method really gives young people an opportunity to get involved during Juice Festival.


I’ve had a very behind the scenes role here at Juice, having a part in planning, taking photographs and generally running from Gateshead to Newcastle and back again trying to be a part of everything! Juice Festival 2013 was definitely the biggest festival to date with the hopes of getting bigger and bigger as the years go on.

My highlights from Juice Festival 2013 are definitely ‘Young People’s First in 3’ at Northern Stage, which was a young person’s event that had young people performing their ideas to a live audience. I was there all day and from the moment I walked in the door I was impressed by everything; the level of talent, the atmosphere and the audience’s positive reactions to a new generation of talent. It was a truly inspiring night and I hope that it becomes a permanent fixture.


However, lucky for you they have another one scheduled for February and plan to continue with others in the year!

Next up on my Highlight list was ‘TEDx Youth@TyneBridge’, an event supported by Juice in partnership with Changemakers and New Writing North with a local self-organised group of writers and speakers presented a series of talks, whose goal was to spark discussion and thought into those who were listening. There was a range of topics discussed that evening and they got better and better as the evening progressed! Each young speaker had an enthralling arguments and points of view; it was a refreshing evening that really got your thoughts and reactions flowing.

For me, another highlight BALTIC’s Teen Panel BlahBlahBlah’s project, ‘My Happiness Is…’ in which they built a booth that you stepped into to record what happiness means to you, you could write, film or take a photo of your happiness. This booth went on a little tour during Juice Festival and appeared at lots of different event where people could take part, which i thought was a brilliant idea, go to the people rather than wait for the people to come to you, this group of young artists created something that was great, and without things like the Happiness Booth, Juice Festival wouldn’t be as different or as fun!


Juice Festival is a great opportunity for young people to get involved in lots of different activities in the Northeast, you can show off you skills or you can have the chance to learn a new one!

Last but definitely not least, The Big Juice Party which I organised as Part of my placement at Juice Festival which was a young person’s celebration event, with the intention to celebrate and thank the participants and volunteers of Juice Festival. It went down quite well with a great turn out and I hope that it has a place as part of Juice Festival 2014 too,  I’m writing my recommendations for them at the moment as I think it’s a great way to wrap up Juice Festival and share what young people have been up to during the festival.

bjp invite

Overall 2013 was the best Juice Festival that I have been lucky enough to have been a part of and I hope that it continues to get bigger and better each passing year, as for one week of the year it shows you the kind of talent and potential Young People of the North East have if given the opportunity.

I hope to see you there at Juice Festival 2014!

Hannah Carlisle – ChangeMaker, 2014