Juice Festival Highlights

Juice Festival was a crazy week full of arts and crafts, circus skills and museums at night, and we hope everyone had a fantastic time! What was your favourite part? Team Juice are here to share theirs:

Posy Jowett

On the final Saturday of the festival I was lucky enough to work all day assisting Ingi Jensen, Icelandic comic book artist, running drop-in workshops. Ingi and I spend the Comic Book Takeover at Seven Stories helping children and young people invent characters and stories to become part of their own comic books. We worked in the gallery space encouraging children to think about the structure of a comic and different settings, and also overlooking the river making drawings of characters – my favourite was the one eyed unicorn who was nervous because he lived in a cave inhabited by bats! I love the vast imaginations that children have, and throughout the day I was constantly surprised by the incredible, intricate, hilarious stories I was told. It felt amazing to know that these children could work so closely with a professional artist who would listen to them and their ideas, inspiring and encouraging the next generation of illustrators and artists, writers and storytellers.

Christy O’Toole

I met a variety of weird and wonderful people on Team Juice, and they really made the festival what it was for me. My fellow Team Juicers are some of the most eccentric, most supportive and funniest people I know, and I couldn’t imagine being Pac-Man, throwing a museum party or singing You Raise Me Up with anyone else. My favourite moment was just before Our Time opened the doors, when I was able to wander around the museum looking at everything being put into place and just sort of thing “We made this.”

Diana Karikis

My favourite bit of the festival was definitely exploring all the wonderful venues! On Team Juice you spontaneously jump from place to place which keeps you active and excited – it certainly did with me anyway. Some of the venues I went to (all for free!) where: Gateshead Library, Seven Stories, Newcastle Central Library, Northern Stage, Great North Museum: Hancock, NGI offices and Big Top Circus. A super exciting part is going behind the scenes of these venues, meeting executives and working with production teams. It’s a very surreal feeling when you work alongside people with big title to their names and lots of experience. I especially loved getting our own dressing room, dazzled out with vanity mirrors and such at Northern Stage – it was very show biz!

Ellen Orange

There were so many fantastic parts of Juice Festival but some of the best for me were getting to be right in the centre of the action at Zest Theatre and Half Moon Theatre’s wonderful post-Brexit play ‘What Once Was Ours’. I also loved the chance to try out the Von Turr Salon and going for a wonderfully imaginative ride on Blackpool Pleasure Beach just though my senses!

We hope you have some brilliant highlights from the festival too and we loved having you there! Here’s to another brilliant Juice Festival!