‘Background Noise About Love’ – Boy Meets Girl [Preview]


Zest Theatre’s Boy Meets Girl is a different kind of love story. Inspired by the everyday ‘chatter’ about love in our lives, the production has been created with the help of 47 young people who provided their thoughts, feelings and opinions on love through workshops in their schools.

All of this, combied with references to popular culture from books, films and even music, comes together to create an innovative theatre production which uses silent disco technology to let us listen to the thoughts and feelings of the characters as we they perform.

We can see how all of this ‘background noise’ about love and relationships has influenced the production through the promotion videos that Zest Theatre have made avaliable to allow us an introduction to the characters before the show, which comes to Newcastle on October 30th as part of Juice Festival 2015.

In our introduction to Boy we see him making a typical video-diary that seems to be for a dating site. He outlines his idea of the typically perfect start to a relationship, from going on a date to returning all of his calls. Boy also mentions another popular idea when he says he would love a girl for who she is, because ‘that is what girls want’.

He also tells us about how lonely he is and how he will buy two cups of coffee in the hope of his dream girl joining him, but how it is always left to go cold. Boy tells us his innermost feelings and secrets through this diary, claiming ‘this is where I tell you’ except we know that he wouldn’t really normally be saying this in a video for a dating site. We are left hanging to hear more when he says, ‘I guess this is where I tell you all of those kind of things, so here goes…’

In the teaser introduction to Girl we see a very recognisablereference as she uses placards to show us different things about love. You might recognise this  as a great reference – showing that love can be difficult and messy – to this scene from Love Actually –

Girl doesn’t confess her feelings however, she instead shows us different, well-known phrases about love. She quotes Shakespeare, Bruce Lee, John Lennon, famous films, books, and many popular ideas of love, covering both the good and the bad. Girl comes to an end with a placard asking ‘do you want to know what I think?’ followed by ‘…?’

The teaser trailers show how the show has been influenced by all these ideas, and intrigue us with their cliffhangers; leaving us desperate know more. There is only one way to find out: get down to Eldon Square, outside Debenhams on 30th Oct at 2pm, 4pm or 6pm, grab some headphones and tune in!

More information on Zest Theatre can be found on their Website and their Youtube Channel. Information on the Juice Festival Performance of Boy Meets Girl is avaliable here.