‘A brilliant way to get involved, learn something new and have fun making TV!’ – All Night ,Tonight [Review]

All Night Tonight is a TV station run by young people, for young people who can’t  or won’t sleep. The show is produced by the Thimble Collective who have had residencies working in local schools to produce content for their broadcast on 31st October and now they’ve been at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art to produce more broadcasts involving the public.

Walking into the ‘studio’ I was greeted by some very enthusiastic team members. They had just come back from lunch so they didn’t have an audience yet, but they decided to do a broadcast to give me a feel for what was going on. Just as they were about to begin, some audience members popped their heads round the door and were invited to come and watch.

This first broadcast showed the young people in the audience what the show was all about; kicking off with some headlines, moving into a ‘Dream Dissection’ segment and finishing with a report ‘from under the covers’. The set was a bunk bed, but instead of the bottom bunk there was a news desk, with a weather screen on one side and a chalkboard on the other.

This first broadcast was great fun and the children soon wanted to get involved. The team jumped in to find out which bit they wanted to have a go at, training them on how to present, how to work the cameras and how to do visual mixing.

The following broadcasts involved a range of different features, competitions and interviews as more people discovered the studio and came in to get involved. It was great to see such an interactive event, where the kids could really join in and be part of the show. Some of the children who came in were as young as three years old, much younger than the team are used to working with, however they dealt with this brilliantly and came up with some fun ideas for them to get involved with.

The event definitely worked better for slightly older children as they were more interested in using the technology and were more confident as presenters. The event wasn’t just for kids either, their parents seemed to enjoy it just as much, getting involved behind the scenes and even on-camera in interviews and Team Juice were very excited to be presenters.

Overall the event was absolutely fantastic; a brilliant way to get involved, learn something new and having fun making and being on TV!

All Night, Tonight will go live on 31st October at wideawaketv.co.uk.