Feature: Our Roald Dahl Favourites!

It’s just over a month until Juice Festival 2016 starts, so we thought that it was about time we start talking about some of the events here on the Juice Festival blog. So today we thought we’d put the spotlight on this year’s Big Juice Read. The event is part of the Festival each year and is super fun day of workshop and activities for families to take part in, themed around a different author or book each year. This year we’ll be helping celebrate Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday by making the event all about his work. Everyone’s got a favourite Roald Dahl book, so we thought it would be fun to ask Team Juice and some of the other’s involved with the festival what their favourites are –



The BFG is a wonderful, creative and fun exploration of friendship. Full of weird discoveries from snozzcumbers to frobscottle, this story is the tale of a little girl who makes an unlikely friend in the Big Friendly Giant, taking her on an adventure of dream-catching, close escapes, and meeting the Queen to save humans from man-eating giants. The BFG is a heartwarming adventure that you are never too old for! (Ellen Orange, Team Juice Member)


The Twitsthe-twits

Roald Dahl has a reputation for being mischievous and none of his books sum this up so well as The Twits. Mr and Mrs Twit are the ultimate pranksters and their antics are toe-curlingly disgusting. The gruesome character descriptions are one of my favourite parts of the story; the Twits are the ultimate in grotesque as their ugly thoughts manifest on their faces. (Heather Askwith Team Juice Member)



The Giraffe, The Pelly and Megiraffe-pelly-me

A fun bouncy tale of a giraffe, a pelican, a monkey and a young boy, Billy, who have some wonderful adventures cleaning windows, singing songs and catching a thief. The tale is shorter than most of Dahl’s other works and more cheerful than his other stories. The one thing that always brings me back to this particular book is the mouth watering sweets that had me and Billy dribbling at the mouth. (Georgia Cuthbertson, Juice Festival Blogger)


The Witcheswitches

The Witches is a perfect blend of English fairy tales and Norwegian folklores, a tribute of course to Roald Dahl’s own background. The ingenious tale warns the reader that witches are not simply a fairy tale technique but a real threat in everyday life. The Witches is enjoyable to both a younger audience and adults who grew up reading Dahl’s stories. A timeless piece of literature that leaves the reader with the feel good feeling Dahl is famous for. (Karen Johnston, Team Juice Member) – If you’d like to read more about Karen’s thoughts on The Witches, you can read her review of the book here.



matildaMy favourite Road Dahl novel is Matilda. As a child I saw myself in that young bobbed girl who just loved to spend her days in a world of imagination. Matilda was shown as this regular child that was thrown into an abrupt household environment where she did not fit in at all.

Matilda was a strong willed character that taught me to fight my fears and stand up for what I believed in as a young child, so many of my childhood morals could be traced back to this very story. I would encourage any child today to read and reread the magical story all about a girl who finally gets her happy ending. (Laura McBride, Juice Festival Supporter)

The Big Juice Read takes place on October 27th at Gateshead Central Library and October 28th at Newcastle City Library.