Preview: 5 Things to look forward to at Q Festival!

Starting on 14th July 2017, Baltic Quayside will become home to a Spiegeltent that will house 24 whole days’ worth of events that will make up Gateshead’s first ever Q Festival. But with over three weeks’ worth of exciting events taking place, where do you even start?

Take a look below for some ideas. But remember that this is just a list of five and there’s LOADS more things taking place at Q Festival so make sure to head over to their website and have a look at what else there is to see!


Jesterval’s actually been bringing exciting comedy talent to the Quayside every summer for years now. But this year it’s exciting to see the event take place in collaboration with Gateshead Council as part of Q Festival and it’s quite exciting to see how the atmosphere will change as a result of its taking place in that wonderful Spiegeltent.

But as well as it’s cosy new venue, this year’s Jesterval will, as always, see some really exciting performers grace the Quayside with guests including well known comedy  regulars like Sara Pascoe and Gavin Webster, exciting local performers such as Kate Fox and Circus Central and a whole bunch more exciting comedy talent.

90’s pop culture quiz

It’s here and it’s unavoidable! Whether you’re feeling old or you’re revelling in the joys of your childhood as they’re openly celebrated by all, the cycle of nostalgia has undeniably looped back round so that we’re all longing to relive those sacred years of Friends, Oasis and (most sacred of all if you were five years old in the 90’s) The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers!

What better way to celebrate this glorious rebirth of everything that once was, than by attempting to prove that you know it better than everyone else!

Blogging; Create Your Own Opportunities

Focusing on blogging and developing an audience as a blogger, the latest Culture Vulture event will include some of the North East’s best bloggers as speakers. These include Samantha Rickleton of North East Family Fun and Rachel Kershaw who writes Life in Geordieland and it promises to be an enlightening event for anyone looking for insight into creating your own blogging opportunities.

Hanging in the Spiegeltent!

I’m kind of combining three things into one here so I can try and sneak more things onto my list.

Sometimes I think it’s nice during a festival to just sit back and enjoy the atmosphere and if you agree with me then I’ve got some good news for you – there are a number of different events that let you do just that!

There’s the Meet me at the Spiegeltent events which promise a relaxing session in the spiegeltent with drinks and Ping pong. There’s Game On which promises to be similar, but is focused specifically on gaming, both board games and retro video games are going to be there. Finally, there’s the Drink, Draw, Jammin and Paint event which, despite my inability to draw anything other than doodles of Superman that look more like erm…not Superman…sounds like loads of fun.

Q Festival Family Programme

So far all of the events on this list are aimed at an older audience, but I thought it would be wrong to not mention that as well as these events, there’s a whole programme of events aimed at families. There’s Spiegel Storytime for under 5’s to go along to (which is advertised with a picture that you can’t NOT smile at), Bad Taste Cru will be leading breakdancing workshops for 12 – 16 year olds at their Culture Camp: Street Dancin’ Moves and B-Boy Grooves sessions and then there’s GemArts Masala Festival which is a whole other festival taking place within Q Festival that promises to ‘serve up a mix and blend of South Asian Arts and Culture’.

Q Festival will be taking place 14th July – 6th August on Baltic Square. All information on programme and ticket booking can be found on their website.