Feature: 5 Reasons why you should sign up to our Comic Book Project with Seven Stories

Have you heard? We’re looking for young people to work with Seven Stories on a Comic Book project. Participants will work with Applied Comics Etc.’s Lydia Wysocki to help run Comics workshops for families.
The opportunity is part of a project Juice Festival is doing this year that ties in with Seven Stories’ upcoming Comics exhibition and you can apply here.
But what if you’re not interested in comic books? Or you are but find the decades of comic book history intimidating. Does that mean this opportunity isn’t for you?
The answer is – of course, it doesn’t! It’s a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to gain experience working with families and on visual arts projects.
So here are five reasons why you should sign up, even if you couldn’t care less about if Wonder Woman or the Avengers.
1) You’re interested in visual art/media (or interested in working IN visual art/media)
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Comics aren’t just the source material for those Avengers films. There are a range of different genres and formats Comics can take that goes well beyond this.
There’s a lot of useful information on the subject on Applied Comic Etc.’s website. Most important here though is that comics are a quick and simple way of conveying a lot of information. Whether that’s comics, painting or even film-making, it’s a valuable thing to understand. So if you’re interested in visual art in any of it’s forms, it would definitley be worth taking part. 
2) You want to gain experience running arts workshops
One of the most valuable skills you can have as an artist is to be able to lead arts workshops. It’s both rewarding and a good way to make money either whilst you’re at an emerging stage in your career.
It is important though if you want to run your own workshops, that you have some idea how to go about doing so. Which makes this a valuable opportunity for anyone wanting work in the arts.
3) You want to gain experience working with Children/Families
So far we’ve talked a lot about why you should get involved if you’re interested in working within the arts. Though the project is focused on art, it’s also a good opportunity for anyone who wants to work with children or families in any discipline. But if you would like to work in the arts then there are also plenty of opportunities that involve working with children and families. (For example, there’s this festival for families and young people in NewcastleGateshead. It takes place every year in October half term…)
4) You want to work with Seven Stories (and Juice Festival)
It’s also a chance to work with big arts organisations such as Seven Stories, widely known as the National home for Children’s Books. They’ve played host to work by some incredibly well-known children’s and YA authors.
It’s also a chance to work with Juice Festival, we have partnerships with arts organisations throughout NewcastleGateshead and a track record of supporting young people as they develop in the arts.
5) You will be work with and receive training from Applied Comics Etc. 
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As well as working with arts organisations it’s also an opportunity to work with local comics writer, researcher and Comics Boss at Applied Comics Etc., Lydia Wysocki. Not only will you be work with Lydia, you’ll also receive training from her ensuring you know everything you need to know before the workshops.
You can apply to take part in the project on Juice Festival’s website