2 Jul 2015

‘It’s really great to see that Cedars Academy is putting effort into allowing it’s students to explore their creativity’ – Cedars Academy Film Festival 2015

More info on Cedars Academy can be found on their website. Over the past few months the pupils of Cedars Academy, one of Juice Festival’s partner schools, have been spending part of their school time using their imagination, exploring
25 Jun 2015

Opportunities round-up – Featuring Northern Stars and Northern Film & Media

Getting Yourself involved in Arts and Culture is a lot of fun, but it can often seem like you need some kind of secret knowledge to get involved. It shouldn’t be that way. That’s why we’re bringing
24 Jun 2015

No More Worries [Review]

Thursday 18th June, Live Theatre, for more information on the show and further tour dates, please visit the No More Worries website. Around the world one cocktail at a time. Simon Mole’s Kieran- the focus of new
18 Jun 2015

‘The kind of party that you can just show up to alone and uninvited, and be accepted and have a good time – once you get over your fear of the guy with a Horse’s Head’ – Geek-Con 2 [Preview]

Geek-Con 2 takes place on 18th August at Gateshead Central Library, Blaydon Library and Birtley Library. Admission is £1.50, more info on tickets and the event can be found on Facebook and their website. Since Anime Attacks
15 Jun 2015

‘It’s a way of engaging people by encouraging them to put a personal twist on a shared experience': No More Worries [Preview]

  Live Theatre, 15th June 2015. Tickets avaliable here, for more information on the show and the tour visit the No More Worries website.  When I found out that the Quayside Seaside was going to play host to
12 Jun 2015

‘The Centre of Durham overtaken by good vibes and a huge rainbow parachute': Pride Durham 2015 [Review]

The 31st of May saw the city of Durham overtaken by an explosion of colour and excitement in what could only have been Durham’s first ever Pride parade. Starting from Palace Green at 1pm, an array of all sorts ofbanners and people gathered, ready to
11 Jun 2015

This Week’s Opportunities Round-Up, Featuring Felt Workshop and Empty Shop Durham

Getting yourself involved in Arts and Culture is a lot of fun, but it can often seem like you need some kind of secret insight to get involved. It shouldn‘t be that way. So over the next
11 Jun 2015

2015 Newcastle Writing Conference – Lessons Learned By an Aspiring Writer

FEATURE: LUKE DUFFY The value of ‘Do It Yourself’ depends on what knowledge you have on the publishing industry. If you’re a published writer, have a degree, have a blog with a large following then you might
8 Jun 2015

‘As someone who just enjoys scribbling stuff down and daydreaming I had never even considered this side of writing!’ – 2015 Newcastle Writing Conference [Review]

Saturday 6th June, Northumbria University School of Law Building, more information avalible from New Writing North.  REVIEW BY HANNAH WILKIN This Saturday I packed up my sandwiches, my notepad and an array of rainbow fine liners and
6 Jun 2015

¡Vamos! 2015 – What to see during 2015’s Festival

More information of ¡Vamos! 2015 and as well as info on ticket purchase and original images can be found here, the Festival takes place 4th-14th June. Thursday night was the start of the ¡Vamos! Festival, the North East‘s