19 Oct 2014

Anime Attacks is Back

  Sometimes the only thing scarier than talking about something you like to someone who hasn’t got a clue is talking to someone who does. It’s less than two weeks until Anime Attacks – a celebration of
15 Oct 2014

Bleu @ Dance City

BLEU! from compagnia TPO on Vimeo. On October 25 and 26, Compagnia TPO are bringing their interactive and immersive show, Bleu, to Dance City. Suitable for those over four and the rest of the family, it combines theatre,
7 Oct 2014

From the Curators of First in 3

By Matilda Neill Looking forward to our fourth week of organising Northern Stage’s ‘Young People’s First in Three’ event, myself and the other curators are beginning to see things falling into place. Young People’s First in Three is a
5 Oct 2014


Wednesday 1st October saw the first meeting of the books for Juice Festival’s Human Library. The Books featuring in Human Library span all walks of life, challenging an array of stereotypes including those thrown at mental illness, different
26 Sep 2014

Call Out For Volunteers

Are you interested in the arts? Do you love learning new skills and making friends along the way? If yes was the answer to either of those questions, then why not come along to this year’s Juice
22 Sep 2014

3 Things To See

Gone With The Wind @ Laing Art Gallery (20 September – 11 January) Claire Morgan’s spectacular work, entitled Gone With The Wind, has returned to Newcastle’s Laing Art Gallery for the first time since 2008 to celebrate
18 Sep 2014

We need your life stories

With all of our lives come moments of happiness, a range of support systems and difficult times – it’s basically par for the course. But some of us get a bumpier ride than others, having to deal
12 Sep 2014

This Year’s Young Journalists

Each year, Juice Festival opens itself up to volunteers from a range of backgrounds and offers them opportunities they may not be able to get elsewhere. From festival to festival, we’ve built and developed a young journalists’
19 Aug 2014


Fantastic Mr Fox @ Tyneside Cinema (25 August) Over the summer the Tyneside Cinema is screening a series of family films during the day. On Monday 25th August the film is Fantastic Mr Fox. Older viewers might have
13 Aug 2014

REVIEW: Mariner 9 @ The Laing Art Gallery

      Mariner 9 by Kelly Richardson The Laing Art Gallery 10 May – 7 September Space is exciting. There might be aliens and adventure and something a little bit different to what we, as sensible adults, know