7 Nov 2014

REVIEW: Write To Publish Masterclass

Telegraph Arts and Entertainment writer Alice Vincent arrived on Tyneside last Saturday to conduct an informal masterclass on breaking into the journalism industry. For those of you who missed out on this opportunity to listen to the
3 Nov 2014

REVIEW: Just Jam 2014

The last weekend of Juice Festival saw dancers from across the globe take to the stage of Newcastle’s Dance City for two days of performance and battles. Jam and Juice celebrated its fifth year with the perfect
3 Nov 2014

REVIEW: Heaven Eyes Reading

Inside a converted 12th century church overlooking the River Tyne, David Almond describes how he was “always tantalised by the river” and how its slick, black mudbanks still form inspiration for a writer who has been telling
2 Nov 2014

REVIEW: Louder Than Words

October 30th saw the album launch of the band Reality Boots with their debut album Louder Than Words. The group, comprised of 16 to 25-year-olds from various backgrounds, was formed through Skimstone Arts and funded by Youth
1 Nov 2014

REVIEW: Halloween @ GOTH

A sweet young girl edges timidly towards the doorway, reaching out for some comfort from the dank room behind her. This is her prison cell, and she has been here for 200 years. She tells us how
31 Oct 2014

REVIEW: Young People’s First in Three

From start to finish, Young People’s First in Three was a roaring success, with each piece showcasing undoubtable talent. Seated informally around small tables complete with decorations and sweets we, the audience, were treated to seven different
31 Oct 2014

REVIEW: The Fairground of Fantastic Fishy Feats

Roll up, roll up, one and all. It’s time to join the circus. After seeing The Fairground of Fantastic Fishy Feats, a theatrical performance come circus act, I, along with many others, was left astounded and ready
29 Oct 2014

REVIEW: Heaven Eyes

Plays have always been a favourite of mine -the mix of great talent and the audience’s reactions always make for a heightened experience. After reading Heaven Eyes, I was eager to see the performance at Caedom Hall
29 Oct 2014


Have you ever tried to just close your eyes, ignore your sight and concentrate on what you hear around – the sounds, the noises, the words? I’ve been to beat-boxing demonstrations and, of course, I’ve visited theatres
28 Oct 2014

Sunday Assembly: A celebration of the one life we definitely have

Hosted by Hal Branson and Ian McLaughlin, Sunday Assembly was the happiest celebration of this one life we know we have. Following the theme of young people, we sang about being Alright, talked about My Generation and